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Il Bar della Musa

Il Bar della Musa

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11 AM – 1 AM

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Tucked away within the hotel, Bar della Musa offers an intimate setting that combines a serene atmosphere with exceptional drinks. Reminiscent of a small, elegant treasure chest, this bar is perfect for both quiet discussions and lively gatherings. As you step inside, the stunning grotesques on the ceiling—a nod to a bygone era—add a touch of historical elegance, making Bar della Musa a cherished destination for carefully selected wines, spirits, and cocktails. Each drink is chosen to enhance the intricate flavors and aromas, ideal for relaxing after a busy day or enjoying a sophisticated nightcap.

Enhancing the bar's allure is our exclusive Oyster Happy Hour, featuring fresh oysters paired with our specially crafted gin and tonic or our renowned house martini, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all who visit.


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Signature Cocktails

Our Proposal

“she who sings tragedy”
Mezcal Leyenda Guerrero, Patron Silver, Sage Liquor, Pistachio Milk, Lemon, Foamer

"she who has a beautiful voice"
Grey Goose, Noilly Prat, Creme De Cassis, Lime, Orange bitter 

“she who can make famous”
Martini riserva Rubino, Martini Bitter, Bombay Sapphire, Raspberry shrub, Champagne

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