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Tramae Restaurant

Tramae Restaurant

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Tramae is a refined restaurant inspired by the timeless elegance of French bistros. The ambiance here is both refined and inviting, creating the perfect environment for a distinctive dining experience. Palazzo Talìa, rich with history, has seen countless stories unfold within its corridors, halls, and courtyards—stories that now converge in our chic eatery. Tramae invites you to embark on a culinary Grand Tour of Italy, exploring a tapestry of flavors from Rome, Venice, and Sorrento, passionately prepared by Executive Chef Marco Coppola and his team. With an emphasis on seasonal ingredients, our dishes are always fresh and full of flavor, available through both a succinct business lunch menu and a more elaborate dinner selection. Our wine list, curated by the owner, features an impressive assortment of national and international wines, each chosen to complement our varied culinary creations.

The restaurant also features a charming courtyard where you can enjoy a serene and relaxing atmosphere. This inviting space is perfect for sharing delightful lunches and dinners with family and friends.


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Signature dishes

The Chef’s proposals

Baked ham tagliolini au gratin
Creamy courgette spaghettone alla Nerano
Elephant ear cutlet (veal Milanese with bone) served with French fries and side dish of the day

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Chef Marco Coppola

Experience and taste at Tramae restaurant

Executive Chef Marco Coppola brings extensive culinary experience to Palazzo Talìa. Originally from Sorrento, born in 1974 in a family of restaurateurs, he spent his childhood immersed in a rich culinary tradition.

After many years of experience abroad, including France, Germany, Switzerland, England, Spain, the Caribbean Sea and London, he returned to Rome where he founded "Casa Coppola," where he fully expresses his culinary vision.

His philosophy focuses on respecting fresh, seasonal ingredients, enhancing Italian products and combining them in innovative ways that reflect his origins. An interest in unique pairings and the continuous exploration of new flavour combinations characterize his dishes. At Tramae restaurant, he continues his culinary journey, offering dishes that combine tradition and novelty, land and sea, in a unique blend of flavours. For Marco, each dish is more than just a meal: it is an experience, a memory, a part of culinary history to be shared.

Chef Marco Coppola
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